Hey so I’m leaving completely, I can’t delete my tumblr at this current time but it won’t matter because I won’t be here tomorrow or the next. Farewell to everyone that I met and everything. Unfortunately life’s sending me down a darker path at the moment, the kind of one where there’s no return. To the goodness of life I thank everyone for there kind compassion, even a little nod over the internet can mean quite a bit to somebody so don’t forget that. Enjoy LP 9.. I know I’ll be listening somewhere. Because if you think this is over then you’re wrong. Unfortunately red wine and sleeping pills, cheap sex and sad films can’t do it for me. I Will. See you in the next life.

Enjoy my final piece of writing, decided on a poem.

The black sky rises;
Evils given birth.
Hearken to fate;
Pump through mirth.
Showing what It’s worth.
Courage into death;
As Blood breaks day.
Spread this cure, daresay:
‘Nevermore shall i wait,
Send me to god’s gate!’
March into the fray,
End this; your day.
Long as you break away.
Soar heated to gate.
For tomorrow doesn’t await.
And when my time shall fade
Do not be afraid
Cause you’ already know
I learned how to die a long time ago.

- Jesse-Indiana